The package includes a reference manual & DVD. The manual reveals 250 Clever Hiding Places and the DVD demonstrates 10 favorite Clever Hiding Places.
Clever Hiding Places package

Keep Your Valuables Safe From Burglars!

"Clever Hiding Places" is a comprehensive guide revealing inexpensive ways to stash, store and hide your valuables in and around where you live; in the home, office, automobile and even on yourself.

The Clever Hiding Places manual provides step-by-step instructions for each project and reveals over 250 hiding places for small and large possessions. The manual also includes How to Build a Safe Room. The DVD demonstrates 10 of my favorite Clever Hiding Places, including how to hide an entire room. Hide items like a gun collection, electronics, important documents, jewelry, money or anything of value.

Here are some of the Clever Hiding Places explained in the book: Beams and Interior Columns, Trapdoors, Ceilings, Floors, Walls, Furniture, False Bottom Drawers, Kitchen Cabinets, Bathrooms, Garages, Closets, Personal Hiding Places, Automobiles, and much much more.

The DVD demonstrates these Projects: Hollow Core Doors, Mirrored Door, Small Coat Rack, Large Coat Rack, Book Cases, False Bottom Drawers, Lamps, Head Bands, Belts, Cigar Boxes.

Authorities tell us there are approximately 1 out of 6 homes burglarized each year! That means a residence is broken into every 14 seconds in the United States! Don't let your home be one that is cleaned out!

Over the years I have seen people lose prized possessions to thieves because they didn't know how to safeguard their belongings. Your valuables can be hidden away in places that no one else can find but you! - Tom Skinner
Home security author Tom Skinner

Mr. Skinner is a professional insurance inspector and makes recommendations to home-owners and their insurance companies concerning security issues.

Burglary prevention tipsAs a free bonus for ordering now, we will also include Tom's 37 proven "Burglary Prevention Tips" booklet, a $20 value!


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